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Once was a home, a factory, a hospital, a church, a mine, a whatever that was before...  

The back stage of the world. In a certain sense untouched by intentional intervention, bitten mostly just by time and decay, left on its own, unprepared for the visitor's eye, even if wandalised, not much artificial about it. Just the "as is". No museums, noting clean, just the what there is. Exploring the back streets, the keyholes, dead ends, rooftops, dark avenues, rusty ladders and stinky basements. Not at all safe, not fancy, not new. Out of the box, watching entropy, water dripping from the ceiling, vegetation taking over, peeling paint. Long distances behind the wheel to see the ultimate destinations which most of others avoid. Wind in the hair and feeling of freedom beyond the agreed boundaries. 

My name is Wilga Vagabondgirl. My passion is photography, travel and urban exploration. Welcome.


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StreetArt Warszawa run together with Szydlak Szk

Photowork for the Taskless Sheep Album "Rotten Melody" (2014)

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